Our Work


MIH Can is working with communities to implement several evidence-based strategies for improving maternal and infant wellbeing in India. These strategies include: 1). Training through seminars with our partners in India to share ideas and knowledge about best practices in improving MNCH (maternal and child health) and the development of a reproductive health manual for one of our partner organization; 2. Research by carrying out one study with one of our partners to build capacity and encourage new and novel approaches to ameliorating MNC; and 3. Innovation, by tackling low birth weight baby deaths through the creation of a thermal sleeping bag that is made of culturally appropriate fabric, which keeps babies’ temperature consistently high. Once designed, these sleeping bags will be sewn by local women’s groups and sold to those who can afford them and given freely to others.

Ultimately, MIH Can’s vision is to plant the seeds for a sustainable, long-term initiative that can be adopted by the local government to improve infant and maternal health across the country.

MIH Can is committed to achieving maternal and infant well being in India through collaborative partnership with local organizations including:

MasumSNEHA and Cehat .


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