Our Partners

Canadian Partners

CINS is a non-profit organization that aims to bolster the connections between people, organizations, and institutes in both Canada and India. The Society puts focus on the health, education, technology, economic, cultural, business, and social links between Canada and India.


Some of CINS' most recent work:
CINS PP 2019 Food is thy MEDICINE (003)

CINI-2018-Recommendations Booklet-JUNE_25_2019

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Indian Partners

The Foundation for Medical Research practices a combination of basic biomedical and translational research for diseases that affect vulnerable sections of Indian Society. Its traditional research areas are leprosy, tuberculosis and medicinal plants, with newly added focus on environmental health and malnutrition.

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MASUM evolved from a commitment to women’s rights within and outside the home, working with a feminist perspective and a human rights approach. MASUM focuses on creating self-reliance, and strengthening people’s perspectives on democracy, equality, secularism and social justice.

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CHETNA addresses issues of women’s health and development in different stages of their lives from a “Rights” perspective, emphasizing capacity building, forging partnerships, and advocating for people-centred policies. CHETNA offers support to other organizations through building the management capacities of educationists/health practitioners/supervisors, enabling them to implement their programmes related to children, young people, and women from a holistic and gender perspective.

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National Institute Naturopathy hosts the core mission of making Naturopathy and Yoga accessible to all. They are aiming to meet their goals by imparting education and training, providing facilities, and encouraging research activities concerning health.

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